The best asphalt paving Marshfield has ever seen should provide your mechanic shop with a high-quality parking lot and work area. However, alligator cracking may spread across your surface and destroy the integrity of your paving. Are the large pickup trucks in your shop causing this problem and how can you avoid it if they are causing it?

The Nature Of Alligator Cracking

Alligator cracking are pressure cracks that look exactly like their name suggest. They create a scaly texture across the surface of your pavement that can quickly spread and become a major problem. Managing it requires knowing why it occurs in your mechanic shop parking lot and whether or not a single truck can cause it.

The Causes Of Alligator Cracking

When this problem occurs on your asphalt, it can be very frustrating to manage. The best way to make sure it doesn’t happen to you is to understand why it occurs. You can then take steps to prevent the following influences from affecting it:

  • Pressure on a consistent point
  • Water working into small cracks
  • Extreme changes in temperature
  • Heavy blow to a weakened spot

Most of these issues only worsen the problem caused by excessive pressure on your asphalt. In fact, minimize the pressure in a single spot can actually help to keep other influences from affecting your asphalt. But is a single large truck enough to cause alligator cracking?

Will A Large Truck Cause This Problem?

Alligator cracking is typically caused by excessive stress on a single spot on asphalt. As a result, a large truck parked in one spot for extended periods could cause some damage that may lead to alligator cracking. However, it isn’t likely to cause this type of damage that quickly.

Instead, multiple vehicles parked in the same spot over a period of months or years are likely to cause this issue. As a result, it is wise to shift where you park the heaviest vehicles in your parking lot. In this way, you can avoid causing nasty cracks that can spread across your asphalt and make it look like the back of a crocodile sneaking through some water.

Getting Your Asphalt Repaired ASAP

So if you want the best asphalt paving Marshfield has to offer and need to avoid alligator cracking, make sure that you contact a professional near you right away. Doing so will ensure that you get the best results, that your pavement is in great shape, and that you can avoid the serious issues of alligator cracking affecting your mechanic shop parking lot.