Even if you just poured a new driveway with the best paving contractors Wausau has to offer, you still need to make sure you are prepared for new pot holes in your driveway. This problem can occur at any time during the winter and severely impact the structure of your driveway.

Pot Holes

Pot holes appear in pavement surfaces and differ from bird baths in their severity. Most pot holes go all the way through a slab of asphalt and hit the ground. They have very sharp edges and are nearly vertical at the top of the hole. Formation of pot holes occurs when excessive water is left in the pavement and which expands during the winter freeze. High-quality paving contractors in Wausau can avoid this problem very easily.

Avoiding Pot Holes

The best way to avoid pot holes is to take control of your moisture situation right away. Make sure that the asphalt being poured by the best paving contractors Wausau has to offer is not drenched with water. You should also make sure that the base where they are pouring your pavement has been carefully prepared with limestone or other structural elements.

Then, it is a good idea to contact repair companies when you notice small cracks appearing in your pavement. They are more common in winter because the freezing action of the season causes them to spontaneously erupt. If you spot small cracks developing during the winter, contact paving contractors in Wausau right away.

These incredible specialists can help you manage the dangers of pot holes and keep your driveway looking great. Just as importantly, they can provide you with the strong and reliable driveway that you need to withstand the various weathering elements that aim to damage them every year.