Finding the best asphalt paving in Wausau, Madison, and Stevens Point, Wisconsin, requires you to understand the different methods necessary for pouring this pavement fully. You also need to fully understand the preparation concepts, the foundation of your pour, and much more.

The following elements will give you a great insight into how to pour the best asphalt driveway that your money can buy, giving you a better insight into how professionals in your area execute this process.

Make Your Foundation Strong

Too few people pay attention to the importance of the foundation of their asphalt paving. The foundation needs to be crafted out of strong materials that are carefully balanced according to the area’s soil strength under which you plan on installing your asphalt and your driveway.

Test the strength of this area and decide what kind of foundation base is necessary. If the soil is weak or drains too quickly, you may need to add more rich and more porous soil that distributes water more effectively. Or you may also need to pay attention to the distribution of the material on the ground.

Create a Proper Drainage Field

The drainage field of your asphalt paving helps to take the water away from the ground and the asphalt’s surface, ensuring that no pooling occurs. It would help if you started here by sloping the pavement away from the center so that the water goes to the sides and does not pool on top of the asphalt surface.

It would then be best if you made sure that the soil around your pavement is suitable slanted or porous so that water drains into it effectively. There may be a need to hire earthmovers to take away and add new dirt to the area to ensure that your drainage field and your foundation are as healthy as possible for your needs.

Mix the Pavement Smoothly

When you’re putting asphalt paving down on your driveway, you need to make sure that it has been adequately mixed to ensure that you get the best results. The pavement should be combined with a handful of other materials according to your asphalt bag’s instructions to ensure you get good results.

Ensure that you pour the asphalt when it is hot, too, and spread it quickly to avoid pooling it up in places and causing any issues with how it is distributed. You also need to make sure that you pay attention to factors like the overall strength and durability of the asphalt before you finish pouring.

Transition Your Pavement Properly

Asphalt paving needs to be carefully balanced and smoothed in a way that makes it easier to transition to other parts of your home. For example, your asphalt must transition to the road outside of your home and with that of the rest of your driveway and the pavement that is inside of your garage.

A good transition should be no more than 20-30 degrees and take place over an extended length. Make sure that you work with a high-quality paving professional if you don’t feel comfortable with this step. They will make sure that you get the high-quality transition necessary for your home and pavement.

Maintain Your Driveway

After your asphalt paving has been laid, it is important for you to perform regular maintenance on its surface to keep it strong. Thankfully, maintenance isn’t that hard if you know what you are doing and take the time to fully understand the different methods necessary for keeping your driveway secure.

First of all, you should clean the surface at least once every week or month or so, depending on how dirty it gets. A sweeping should be more than enough for surface dirt. Then, you need to clean up stains, like oil and gas, and patch up any holes that may appear in the surface until professionals can repair them.

Don’t Neglect Our Help

As you can see, getting the best asphalt paving Wausau, Madison, and Stevens Point, Wisconsin, have ever seen isn’t necessarily a challenging task if you know what you are doing. However, you may want to avoid doing it by yourself if you don’t feel comfortable.

Thankfully, many different professional help groups are available in the area, including us at Custom Paving & Sealcoating. We produce one of the best and most reliable options in the area and will do what it takes to ensure your asphalt is safe and robust.