With time, due to various reasons, the asphalt surface becomes weary. This calls for the need of maintenance to prevent permanent damage. Do not ignore those cracks you see on your asphalt surface. For perfect Paving Madison, Contact our experts at Custom Paving andSealcoating. We are responsive and follow up to ensure the work come out as you expect.

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Causes of cracking in asphalt driveways

  • Water penetration –Water seeping in from the rain and the winter freeze-thaw cycles act hazardously on the asphalt surface. Water penetrates through the rocks and into the sub-base. This causes the sub-base to be softened leading to cracks developing their way up to the surface.
  • Lack of control joints in most asphalt surfaces, causes cracks to appear where most stress is placed.
  • Sunlight –ultraviolet rays from the sun breaks the links between carbon bonds consequently damaging the asphalt.
  • Failure to maintain your driveway regularly by seal coating at the sixth month of installation or after every 2-3 years will lead to cracks developing on the surface as it is not protected.

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