No doubt for many who have decided it’s time for asphalt, this is the first question that comes to mind. We receive alot of calls every year from folks who just want a “quick over the phone” quote. While it may seem an easy question to answer, it really is’nt that simple. As a matter of fact we suggest to anyone who actually can get a quote over the phone from a company to be very cautious before moving forward. Many times contractors will use these deceptive sales tactics as a way to “clear out the competition” only to drive up the price later due to “unforseen issues”.

We will list a few things that should go into building you a firm quote that is reliable. We will try our best not to get to lengthy, while still giving the information you need to get a true quote.

1. The most important factor in building you a project that will last for many years is your base or foundation. Contrary to what many think the depth of asphalt is not. No doubt thickness of aspahlt is extremely important, but the thickness won’t mean much if the base is not stable. A true quote will start with a site inspection, which of course is impossible to do over the phone. You may need more base, the right base, or in rare cases all of your base will need to be removed and rebuilt. This plays a huge role in building your quote.

2. Grading and drainage issues. If your project has trouble with pitch or requires added materials to ensure proper drainage the quote will reflect this.

3. Another factor that will be accounted for is ease of installation. Large areas that will require handwork (areas that can’t be reached by the paving machine), job layout, obstructions in the inatallation area, etc. Each of these will play a role in the amount of time, labor and material, a job will require.

4. Depth of asphalt required or requested for the job site. More asphalt more money.

5. Distance from the asphalt plant (or source of materials). Extra time and fuel plays a role in the quote.

These are not all the factors, but just a few of the more important ones. As you can see there is no universal number that fits every job. Every site has it’s own unique issues that should be accounted for in person. Never take an over the phone quote as firm.

We hope the info here helps to assist you in getting a proper quote for your project. And remember to always call Custom Paving & Sealcoating for a free extensive quote built specifically for your project!