Your pavement is something that you must take very seriously and work hard to make as durable and protective as possible. However, finding the right company is a challenge. Therefore, you need to understand the following tips for finding paving companies in Stevens Point, Wausau, or Madison, Wisconsin. Doing so can save you a lot of time. And if you contact us at Custom Paving & Sealcoating, you can be in even better shape because we provide one of the best paving experiences in the state.

Check Paving Company Resources

Each paving company that you talk to near you will have different sources for their pavement and a variety of other elements that you need to consider before you hire them. All of these factors can be quite confusing, but they are easy to understand if you break them down into their resources first. Doing so will give you a better insight into the quality of each business that you research and also make it easier for you to find someone whom you can trust to do right by you and your paving needs.

For example, you need to check your paving companies source of pavement to ensure that it is as secure as possible. What type of pavement do they make and how do they install it? Then, you need to see where they get their trucks, their tools, and other items. Visit their facilities, if you have the time, and then talk to them about these aspects. Are their tools and trucks reasonably new or do they look pretty rough? You can’t judge a company totally on their devices, but you need to take them into account.

Lastly, make sure that you talk to your local Better Business Bureau group to learn more about the company’s reputation. Do they have a lot of complaints against them? What kind of claims have they received? Do these complaints seem reasonable or ridiculous? You can also talk to people who have worked with these paving experts in the past. Learn more about their customer service experience, the quality of their paving, and the different ways that they perform maintenance on the pavement.

Figure Out What Paving Options They Provide

Paving companies across the nation utilize a broad array of different materials to help create a diverse range of possibilities for their customers. Fully understanding these can ensure that you get the best experience possible at a price that you can afford. For example, you can decide if you want to use asphalt for your parking lot or driveway but should understand its benefits and disadvantages first.

These advantages include a low installation cost, reliable protection against winter weather, and a durable surface. Disadvantages include weakness against heat, high maintenance costs, and a tendency to stain. Talk to each paving company that you want to hire to learn more about these concepts and to explore them thoroughly before you end up hiring them for your paving needs.

Other paving options you may want to consider include concrete. This choice is one of the most popular because it is among the most durable types on the market and capable of withstanding heat in the summer. Its winter protection is decent, but not great, and its maintenance is minimal with proper care. Less popular options include bricks and paving stones. These choices are useful if you want to create a specific aesthetic effect but are often quite expensive and may not be within the price range of some buyers.


Ask About the Asphalt Plant

Before you work with any paving professionals, you need to ask about their asphalt plant. The asphalt plant is where this material is produced and delivered from to your site. But if you order concrete, you’ll be working with a concrete plant instead of an asphalt one. Don’t worry: the considerations for both are similar enough.

For example, you need to talk to the asphalt plant about updates on the quality of your asphalt for the day. You can also ask them about how they monitor trucks, the ways that they deliver materials, and how they ensure safety on the site. All of these features are critical to consider when hiring paving companies because they can impact the quality of your pavement in a multitude of ways.

Let’s example a few of these scenarios to get an idea of what may happen. First of all, a plant that is too far from your job site may cause issues because the asphalt may start to harden even in the truck. And if the company only has a handful of vehicles, you may end up having to wait longer as they haul asphalt back and forth. Therefore, it is wise to consider these factors before you start shipping correctly.

Watch Out for Scams

Lastly, and it pains us to admit it, but you need to watch out for companies who want to scam you. We hate to bring this up because we know that only a handful of “experts” perform these kinds of shenanigans. However, you, as the customer, need to understand how to find these issues entirely. Thankfully, you never have to worry about this kind of behavior from us because we treat our customers with respect, dignity, and absolute transparency.

The first con you’re likely to see is somebody trying to grade your pavement too thinly. This trick is one that con artists attempt because they know that you likely don’t know how thick your pavement should lie on the ground. By cutting back on the number of materials that they use, these alleged paving companies save themselves some cash and end up causing damage to your driveway later. Then, you’ll have to contact them or somebody else to get your pavement repaired.

Another issue you’re likely to see is when you go with the lowest possible price for your pavement. We can understand why you might want to take this step – who doesn’t want to save money? However, you’re going to do more harm than good in this situation. Just think of the last time you bought the cheapest possible option for anything. You likely were very disappointed by this product’s quality. Therefore, you should make sure that you work with somebody who focuses on quality, not cheapness.

You Can Trust Us

If you follow these tips for finding paving companies in Stevens Point, Wausau, or Madison, Wisconsin, you shouldn’t have any difficulties. But if you cut through the search and the extra time spent and simply seek us out at Custom Paving & Sealcoating, you can avoid all these potential problems. Our experts have years of experience with pavement and know how to make your driveway, parking lot, or foundation look great and support your needs for years to come.