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    Our history of service at your locale


    In 1978, our founder William “Bill” Wells believed that it was time for him to make a change in his life (and others around him). As he possessed general contracting and construction skills, Bill was prepared to take his career into his own hands. With the motivation of his family (wife and 8 kids) and the willingness to provide high quality custom paving services at an affordable price, we now provide services to homeowners, businesses, and agricultural landowners.


    Throughout the years we have been able to proudly serve the local community of Kronenwetter. It is with great humility that we have been a part of the local community’s progress and we want to continue to do so for many more years to come. As we continue to provide our paving services to the community, we will also continue to improve our services to make sure that all of our clients are satisfied with every experience.


    We focus on exceeding your expectations throughout the entire process


    As a team we believe that it is of the utmost importance that you are satisfied with the quality of work that we provide to you. Whether you have a small or large project, the quality of our services will always remain the same. As we provide our services to the local Kronenwetter community, we believe in exceeding the expectations that you have of us, not just meet them.

    When it comes to inquiring about our services, we are open to making sure that you are satisfied from beginning to end. This is why we believe in keeping an open line of communication. You should know exactly what is going on throughout the entire process.

    Feel free to ask our team any questions or concerns that you may have. We do not want to make a mistake on your project that could delay its scheduled completion.


    Do we offer discounts?


    Many of our new clients like to inquire if we offer discounts to anyone? We have no problem with anyone asking this question as we believe in providing high quality paving services to you regardless of a discount. But hey, it does not hurt to save more money than you normally would, does it?


    For churches and military members of the Kronenwetter community, we offer a 10% discount on any projects that they/you decide to utilize. As a family owned company, we believe that these are appropriate measures to take within our community.


    When you set up your initial consultation, feel free to address our discount offers with a team member. We will definitely let you know that you qualify and will add it to the free estimate that we provide to you as well. For anyone that does not fit the two latter options, we also provide special offers that can be found in the local newspaper.


    Feel free to ask questions of our team


    We are honored to continue providing our paving and sealcoating services to the residents of Kronenwetter on a daily basis. We take great pride in completing projects for businesses, residential homes, and agricultural properties. As a team, we extend our gratitude to all the clients for allowing us to serve the local community!


    We advise that our clients ask as many questions as they want. No question is a dumb question and it is better for you to know every single detail before we complete any work for you. This is an important investment to your property and you should know every single detail no matter how 

    vital or small that it may be.


    Local residents can contact us by calling (608) 208-6424. Individuals that are currently outside of the city can reach our team by calling our toll free phone.