Asphalt Paving | Driveway Paving | Ringle, WI

    Custom Paving believes in 100% satisfaction

    As a company that believes in providing high quality work on a consistent basis, we believe in making sure that our guarantees are appropriate and feasible to our clients. Our core values include integrity, high quality work, and affordable pricing all the time. Throughout the years of working in the local area providing asphalt paving in Ringle, we have received a plethora of positive reviews.

    We believe in maintaining our professional integrity at all times from the first initial consultation to the moments after you have received the services you desired. Our customer service team is dedicated to assisting each client throughout the entire process.

    Communication is the key to success and that also includes building a trusting business relationship on both sides. High quality work is always at the forefront of our team members on a daily basis. As a family owned business, if it is not good enough for our own family, it is not good enough for you. As Bill (our founder) always wanted for the local community we keep our services affordable while managing the latter at the same time.

    Maintaining your driveway appropriately

    When it comes to maintaining your driveway paving in Ringle appropriately, we take it upon ourselves to assist you throughout the entire process. As a paving company, our main objective is to complete the task that you have hired us for. However, we do not want to stop there. We believe in passing on all of the knowledge that we know to our clients. The latter knowledge also includes how to maintain your driveway properly once the pavement project is complete.

    First and foremost you should always pay attention to the cracks that may form. Small cracks can result from excessive pressure/usage, progressive wear and tear over time, and specific weather conditions. It is important to get these patched as soon as possible. If left unattended, they will expand to bigger cracks and even potholes. We offer sealcoating services as another option for all of our clients. Sealcoating your asphalt pavement will help strengthen, protect from oxidation damage, and prevent abrasive materials from causing any damage.

    The services that we offer for Ringle residents & businesses

    As we discuss the asphalt solutions we offer in Ringle that we are proud to provide on a daily basis, here are a few in-depth details in regards to what we have to offer specifically for the community. Our asphalt paving services span to a variety of properties including businesses, agricultural land, and for homeowners. Continue to read further to see what we offer for each property.

    For businesses we provide asphalt paving services including infrared spot repairs, industrial sealcoating, patching & repairing of current parking lots, new installations of parking lots, and expanding the current parking space.

    Individuals that own/live on agricultural properties, we understand that they typically have crops and/or livestock on the land. We are very aware and take the proper precautions when working on bunker/silage pads, cow paths, farm lanes, and sealcoating services.

    Homeowners have a plethora of services to choose from including new basketball court installations, repair the current driveway, completely build a new driveway, sealcoating for driveways, parking pads, and HOA & subdivision roads.

    How to hire us as your paving team 

    Deciding on utilizing our company for your paving in Ringle is something that we are appreciative and honored about. As we begin the process of completing your project, we advise that you set up a consultation meeting with us. During that consultation, we will provide to you a free estimate of your project, the options that we have available for you, in addition to providing more information that you may desire.

    To set up a consultation meeting with our team, feel free to contact us in the method that is best suitable for you. You can call our company via phone if you would like to talk to a representative in detail. Local residents can contact us by calling (608)-475-5235. Individuals that are currently outside of the city can reach our team by calling our toll free phone number at (866)-522-3403. We also have a form on our website that you can utilize communication via email.