Asphalt Paving | Driveway Paving | Schofield, WI

    A brief synopsis of our company’s history

    One of the most important elements that we take to heart when it comes to our business is the fact that Custom Paving is family owned. Our founder William “Bill” Wells was an amazing example that we have continued to follow.

    Since 1978 when our founder Bill began the company, it was obvious that he had the most positive and kindhearted intentions in mind. Bill decided that it was his time to tell a different approach not only with his career, but for his family. It seems that Bill made the right decision.

    Since the beginning of the company’s inception, we have served Wisconsin and surrounding cities/neighborhoods with our services. Paving in Schofield and sealcoating for homeowners, agriculture land, and businesses have all been the main focal points for our team. We believe in ensuring that you receive the best quality service, with no stress, and at prices that do not cost you an arm and a leg.

    How can residents in Schofield utilize our services?

    Our team members believe in providing the best paving in Schofield through hard work, skilled techniques learned through training/experience, and dedication. We offer a wide variety of services for properties including agricultural land, businesses, and for homeowners. Continue to read for further details in regards to how you can utilize our paving services.

    Homeowners can inquire about a variety of services from our team. We are capable of completing services for HOA & subdivision roads, driveway sealcoating, private basketball courts, parking pads, repairs for current driveways, and installations of brand new driveways.

    Agricultural land is typically used for growing crops and/or raising livestock in an appropriate environment. For the owners that use the land extensively, we offer cow paths, farm lanes, silage/bunker pads, and sealcoating.

    For business owners we offer services including industrial seal coating, expanding your current parking lot, installing new parking lots, and repairing/patching current holes within your parking lots.

    What discounts do we offer to our clients?

    One of our core values is to provide affordable pricing for our clients. We believe in providing high quality services without overcharging our clients. No one should have to feel as if they have to break the bank to receive our paving services in Schofield. Keeping this in mind, we also believe in giving discounts to members of the military and church organizations.

    Military members and churches are able to receive a 10% discount on any of the services that they receive from us. This is an important element to our company as we are also able to give back to those that have served our country in the best way possible. 

    In order to receive the discount as a military member, all you have to do is show your U.S. military ID during the consultation.

    For anyone that does not fit the two latter roles, do not worry at all. If you check the local newspaper, we also offer special discounts on a regular basis.

    How can you gain more information? 

    Paving and sealcoating in Schofield are services that our team specializes in with high standards. We are humble to know that businesses, homeowners, and owners of agricultural lands have utilized our services for their necessities. We understand that there is always new information that we can share with you. We also want to make sure that we complete the project by exceeding your expectations.

    Feel free to inquire with our team at your earliest convenience. Our customer service team is trained and highly skilled in leading you down the right path. We advise all of our clients to ask any and all questions that they may have. The more we understand what you want, the better we can service you. Local residents can contact us by calling (608)-475-5235. Individuals that are currently outside of the city can reach our team by calling our toll free phone number at (866)-522-3403. We also have a form on our website that you can utilize communication via email.