Paving Contractors Wausau, WI

    What should you look for in a paving contractor?

    When you are in the market for paving contractors in Wausau, what are some things you should look for? First and foremost you want to review their history in the local are. We have served the state of Wisconsin and surrounding communities since 1978 and we are proud to still be around.

    The next factor you want to look into is the company’s reputation within the area(s) that they service. Thanks to our dedicated team that has maintained great standards and high quality work, our clients have acknowledged their positive experiences when working with us.

    The next (and final) factor you should take into consideration when seeking paving contractors is their pricing. Affordable paving options are important for individuals to take into consideration… especially if you have to work on a specific budget. When it comes to repairing your pavement, understand that the sooner you remedy the situation, the quicker you save money in the long run.

    What do we offer to our clients?

    As your local paving contractor, we are excited to serve our community with the best services possible for as long as we possibly can. We utilize asphalt pavement and sealcoating as our specialty services. We offer custom the latter services to our clients (including homeowners, businesses, and agricultural land).

    While we understand that there are general ways to approach the project of a pavement, there are some clients that enjoy being unique and customizing with their projects.

    When you decide to inquire us for our asphalt paving service, you do not have to stop there. If you want to take you asphalt to the next level that is where sealcoating comes into play. Sealcoating serves multiple purposes to your asphalt that we highly recommend you take into consideration. Our professional sealcoating will strengthen, protect, and preserve your asphalt. We can do it with a single coat or multiple coats, whatever is appropriate for your asphalt at the moment.

    Our experience and portfolio exudes high quality

    For over 35 years we have provided not only our services to clients in regards to paving and sealcoating, but we have also provided our experience and extensive portfolio. Due to the high quality of work that we have provided on a consistent basis, it has kept us in the forefront of the industry locally.

    When it comes to pricing, we offer affordable standard pricing and special discounts. Whether you own a home, a businesses, or agricultural land, we have the capabilities of assisting you with your next project. Paving is an important investment, however, that does not mean that you should have to break your bank for it.

    Churches and members of the military are able to receive 10% off on all of our services. We believe that it is our duty to make sure that the latter individuals are able to properly maintain the home driveways and parking lots with just a little bit more help from us with a discount.

    Let us give you a free estimate on the next project

    As one of the most reputable paving contractors in Wausau, we believe that providing high quality work is the backbone of our success. We also believe that giving prospective clients a free estimate on their next project also adds on to the success we have garnered over the years. At no point of the process do we want you to feel in the dark or worry that you may see additional/hidden expenses.

    The first part of business that we need to take care of is covered during our initial consultation (which you can set up fairly easy with us). In addition to the free estimate, we also provide amazing customer service and our representative will assist you appropriately in answering any and all questions that you may have. If you are from outside of the city you can call our toll free phone number at (866)-522-3403. If you are a local, you can contact us by calling (715)-803-6616.