Paving Merrill, WI

    Our history in the paving industry

    As a family-owned business today, we believe that our history has helped shape our reputation in regards to paving for Merrill clients. For over 35 years we have provided the residents of Lincoln County with the necessary sealcoating and paving services that is needed. Whether it is for agricultural land, homeowners, or businesses, we always strive to make sure that we provide high quality work the first time. Making mistakes is not something that we can afford to make in this industry as mistakes can become costly bot financially and time wise.
    We have a great reputation in the local area and state because of the great team we have. As our team is comprised of highly skilled and dedicated team members, clients have expressed positive experiences with us. Factors such as customer service, affordability, and overall high quality of work has helped us become respected within the community of Merrill, WI.

    Paving services that we offer

    When it comes to paving in Merrill, there are some situations where we have to explain exactly what does that mean. If you a re a new client inquiring paving options for the first time, do not feel as if the questions that you have to ask are stupid questions. As a local company that thrives on helping clients as much as we possibly can, we have absolutely no problem explaining the paving services that we offer.
    The first service that we are going to cover is asphalt paving. This is the basic foundation that is utilized for parking lots in businesses, driveways for homeowners, and agriculture land areas. When we apply our asphalt paving to any area, we make sure that we complete the project with precision in a timely fashion.

    The second service is called sealcoating, which is essentially the protector of asphalt paving. When you apply sealcoating to asphalt pavement, you will be able to notice how it preserves, strengthens, and prevents common moisture damage.

    How to maintain your paving/sealcoating projects

    As you begin to invest in paving and/or sealcoating services, we advise all of our clients to make sure that they maintain the areas appropriately. Areas such as business parking lots, agriculture land, and even driveways have a ton of pressure, moisture, and wear and tear done to it on a daily basis.

    Asphalt paving is a service that many properties in the area need help with. While it is nearly impossible to prevent any damage 100%, it is still possible to prevent a majority of the avoidable damage.
    To start off with maintenance, the one factor that you should always pay attention to are cracks in the pavement. Adding sealcoating to your paving can add some protection to the area. However, if you start to notice that a small crack becomes a more extended and wider gap, you should fill it immediately. When small cracks become larger, this is where small potholes can form (which can result in bigger potholes causing a safety risk.

    How to hire us as your paving team

    Deciding on utilizing our company for your paving needs in Merrill, WI, is something that we are appreciative and honored about. As we begin the process of completing your project, we advise that you setup a consultation meeting with us. During that consultation, we will provide to you a free estimate of your project, the options that we have available for you, in addition to providing more information that you may desire.

    To setup a consultation, feel free to contact us in the method that is best suitable for you. You can call our company via phone if you would like to talk to a representative in detail.

    Local residents can contact us by calling (715)-575-9008. Individuals that are currently outside of the city can reach our team by calling our toll free phone number at (866)-522-3403. We also have a form on our website that you can utilize communication via e-mail.