Paving Weston, WI

    The history behind our company

    Our company has currently served the state of Wisconsin (including paving in Weston) services since 1978. William “Bill” Wells decided that he wanted to make a change in his career for the purpose of giving his family a better life. Through his hard work and dedication, we have successfully been able to keep the company afloat and provide paving/sealcoating services for the Weston residents.

    As a family owned business, we believe that it is essential to treat everyone (including our clients) as if they are our family. Have you ever noticed that when employees of a company enjoys their career that the results are typically better?

    We believe that because of the culture we provide for our team that it shows in the work that they do every day. From the technicians to the customer service team, everyone is trained and highly skilled to assist you with all of your pacing necessities.

    How important is paving in Weston?

    Have you ever thought of how important paving in Weston is? Imagine if we did not have the equipment, technology, or means to provide the community with asphalt paving and sealcoating services.

    The roads that we drive on every day and the parking lots we utilize when we make trips to businesses would have dirt paths (like the old western days). All of the cars that we currently drive today would need to be maintained more because most tires are not meant to be driven on dirt paths consistently. The wear and tear would cause for more frequent tire replacements than we have now.

    When it comes to maintaining the paving in our community, it makes everyone’s day better. Smooth transportation that does not cause problems (such as cracks in the road and potholes) not only saves times, but saves lives. While we enjoy the past and the history that we were able to learn from, we safely assume that modern technology has made daily life way more easier and comfortable.

    The paving services we offer to the local area?

    As your local paving Weston company, there are two main paving services that we offer to a variety of locations. The main service that we offer is asphalt paving, which is what you see on a daily basis.

    Most areas have asphalt pavement roads — this also applies to areas such as businesses, agricultural lands, and driveways for homeowners. When you inquire about our paving services, we can provide to you the general options (including, but not limited to) repairs, new paving installations, adding additional space, subdivision roads, and more.
    The second main service that we provide to our customers is called sealcoating. Not to get confused with paving, sealcoating is actually the method that protects your initial asphalt paving for a longer life. The other benefits from sealcoating your property includes preventing quick wear and tear, preserves the asphalt, and prevents oxidation (which is common to asphalt pavement without sealcoating).

    As paving is an investment definitely worth planning for appropriately, it is better to properly at safety now instead of consistently paying for the same repairs every year.

    Contact us for a consultation meeting

    Are you prepared to inquire our team and utilize our amazing services? We take great pride paving in Weston for homeowners, businesses, and agricultural land. When it comes to your inquiry, we want to ensure you that you will receive high quality work from out team throughout the entire process.

    When you call us for your first inquiry, we recommend that you also setup an initial consultation at a time that works for you. Our customer service team will answer any and all questions that you may have at the moment. During the consultation, you can ask more questions if you desire to.

    There are three ways in which you can contact us depending upon what is applicable for you. If you are from outside of the city you can call our toll free phone number at (866)-522-3403. If you are a local, you can contact us by calling (608) 208-6424. You can also e-mail us by filling out the form on our website.