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  • By Development Team
  • 05 Feb, 2016
Well we received some great news from our furry friend from the east on Tuesday. Early spring was great news and sure is welcomed by all of us here at Custom Paving & Sealcoating. Of course that news was all the more welcomed as we watched the snow fall and fall.... and fall. While we are happy for the winter sports lovers, we hope ol' Phil is right! Bring on Spring!
By Dotcom Design 18 Jun, 2017

When searching for contractors that specialize in asphalt maintenance; Asphalt Paving Madison is a company committed to cleanliness, reliability, exceptional craftsmanship and more. They know the most important thing is the safety of their customer. Chemicals make up asphalt so as specialist they are exposed to certain fumes and weather temperatures.  As a reputable paving company, they take every precaution to minimize dangerous or hazardous conditions. Contact them today to learn more about the services they offer.

On site Asphalt Paving Company specializes in asphalt paving and repair. They are educated and trained and know how to use safety procedures. Proper protective gear is their first line of defense during inspections of areas where asphalt paving will take place. Asphalt Paving Company is committed to the satisfaction and safety of every customer.

Their mission is to serve each customer with quality workmanship in a timely manner that disrupts the customer’s home or business very little. They are even available to perform construction while businesses are closed.  A customer’s convenience is their objective. Expect a quality job with safety considered every step of the way. Your asphalt paving needs are handled by an experienced team, licensed and confident to meet your needs safely.

Visit them online and check out their project gallery and request a quote or to learn more about the services they offer. Their goal is to ensure each customer receives safe, quality service. During your consultation, Asphalt Paving Madison provides clear details of exactly what all is involved in your paving project.  They are licensed to handle challenges that could come up. This is what you want from your paving contracting company. They have many years of experience and are committed to each customer’s satisfaction.

By Development Team 04 Mar, 2016

One of the greatest benefits of being in the asphalt business is the chance it gives us to get out and see Wisconsin. I will admit a little bias here, but I think we live in the most beautiful state in the country. No matter what part of the state we find ourselves in, I always find a moment to admire the scenery. From the bluffs of Prairie Du Chien to the woodlands of Ashland there is plenty to admire.

While there are so many different places and sceneries Wisconsin has to offer, there is one staple that is prevalent theought the entire state; that is it's agriculture. Wisconsin farming has, for so long been a statement of what is great about the place we call home. Hardworking men and women that truly care about the quality of the products they produce, and take care of the land they operate. Wisconsin will always be a farm first state.

Over the many years we've had countless opportunities to provide our services to the Wisconsin farmer. From making their driveways a smoother, cleaner ride; to providing a clean working area in front of their shops. It's always been our privelage to add something of value to their farms. Of all the uses the agricultural industry has found for asphalt, none have received the rave reviews for function, and return on investment quite like the paved silage pads.

From our many conversations with past agricultural customers we feel it is safe to say there is no better use for asphalt on a farm. One customer in particular, Jason Wachter of Boscobel WI, estimated the amount of money he saved from reducing silage waste, was enough to pay for the entire project within the first year!

Asphalt is withuout question an enormous upgrade over gravel, and in ways over concrete as well. Certainly the benefits of aspahlt over gravel for a silage pad are obvious. However it's benefits over concrete maybe not so much. Unlike concrete, asphalt is a smooth continuous surface that is perfect for scraping down to the last bit of silage. Also the acids that are produced by the silage will eat at the surface of concrete causing it to chip out when scraped. Just last year I had a conversation with a Marshfield WI farmer, Clay Bernick, who lost a cow due to ingesting a piece of concrtete that had unknowingly been chipped out into the silage. This is obviously a huge issue for the farmer.

Using asphalt as a silage pad will substantially reduce the amount of waste putting A LOT more money in the pocket of the farmer, and in ways improve the quality and safety of the silage for their herds. If you are considering upgrading your current silage pad conditions don't hesitate to call us for a free quote built specifically for your project. Toll free 866-522-3403. Like our   page   on facebook to view any offers that may be available!

By Development Team 29 Feb, 2016

No doubt for many who have decided it's time for asphalt, this is the first question that comes to mind. We receive alot of calls every year from folks who just want a "quick over the phone" quote. While it may seem an easy question to answer, it really is'nt that simple. As a matter of fact we suggest to anyone who actually can get a quote over the phone from a company to be very cautious before moving forward. Many times contractors will use these deceptive sales tactics as a way to "clear out the competition" only to drive up the price later due to "unforseen issues".

We will list a few things that should go into building you a firm quote that is reliable. We will try our best not to get to lengthy, while still giving the information you need to get a true quote.

1. The most important factor in building you a project that will last for many years is your base or foundation. Contrary to what many think the depth of asphalt is not. No doubt thickness of aspahlt is extremely important, but the thickness won't mean much if the base is not stable. A true quote will start with a site inspection, which of course is impossible to do over the phone. You may need more base, the right base, or in rare cases all of your base will need to be removed and rebuilt. This plays a huge role in building your quote.

2. Grading and drainage issues. If your project has trouble with pitch or requires added materials to ensure proper drainage the quote will reflect this.

3. Another factor that will be accounted for is ease of installation. Large areas that will require handwork (areas that can't be reached by the paving machine), job layout, obstructions in the inatallation area, etc. Each of these will play a role in the amount of time, labor and material, a job will require.

4. Depth of asphalt required or requested for the job site. More asphalt more money.

5. Distance from the asphalt plant (or source of materials). Extra time and fuel plays a role in the quote.

These are not all the factors, but just a few of the more important ones. As you can see there is no universal number that fits every job. Every site has it's own unique issues that should be accounted for in person. Never take an over the phone quote as firm.

We hope the info here helps to assist you in getting a proper quote for your project. And remember to always call Custom Paving & Sealcoating for a   free   extensive quote built specifically for your project!

By Development Team 18 Feb, 2016
Custom Paving & Sealcoating would like to remind everyone that we offer our services to the entire state of Wisconsin along with areas of Iowa, Minnesota, and Illinois. If you're in say, the Marshfield Wisconsin area, or perhaps Decorah Iowa, just to name a couple, you've no doubt seen us working in your communities. We have a very strong presence all over the state of Wisconsin, from Lancaster all the way to Ashalnd. We have a very extensive list of well satisfied clients from all over these areas! So if you're in the market for asphalt paving or sealcoating we're your number 1 source for quality and affordability!
By Development Team 14 Feb, 2016
She thinks chocolate makes her fat. She's probably allergic to those flowers anyway. Let's face it you don't even remember what her favorite restaraunt is. This year get her what she really wants! Driveway paving by Custom Paving & Sealcoating! She'll never look or feel better than when she's driving on that new freshly paved driveway. So this Valentines Day instead of hitting repeat on last years song and dance, let her know you called Custom Paving & Sealcoating and she'll be getting a new driveway this year! Dont forget to  follow us  on Twitter, and like our  Facebook page !
By Development Team 05 Feb, 2016
Well we received some great news from our furry friend from the east on Tuesday. Early spring was great news and sure is welcomed by all of us here at Custom Paving & Sealcoating. Of course that news was all the more welcomed as we watched the snow fall and fall.... and fall. While we are happy for the winter sports lovers, we hope ol' Phil is right! Bring on Spring!
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