Any asphalt company in Madison will admit that gravel is the most economical choice for a driveway. It is also the easiest to install and maintain. However, gravel also has the most disadvantages. Snow removal becomes very difficult because if you were to shovel or plow the driveway, you would likely remove most of the gravel with the snow. To keep gravel safe to be walked or driven on in the winter, the right mixture of salt or sand needs to be dropped on it for proper traction. Gaps, ruts, and sinkholes need to be filled in, or they will begin to cause heavy damage to any vehicle that attempts to pass through. In dry weather, dirt, dust, debris will fly through the air on windy days, causing property and vehicles to look dirty. This can be a very unpleasant experience for customers or tenants of commercial or residential properties.

Custom Paving & Sealcoating is the best asphalt company Madison has to offer. Once you decide you are ready to switch from a gravel to an asphalt driveway, their experienced professionals will examine the installation site and determine the grade of asphalt needed for water run off. Madison gets its fair share of precipitation, and managing it must be considered before asphalt paving can begin. Not every asphalt company in Madison is willing to provide the quality service required to switch from a gravel to an asphalt driveway, but Custom Paving & Sealcoating is.

The foundation or the sub-base is essential to any asphalt driveway, as it provides a stable surface to support asphalt pavement. It also provides a frost barrier to reduce winter damage caused by cycles of freezing and thawing. A normal driveway requires four to six inches of a sub-base, along with regular sealcoating , crack filling, and pothole repair.

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