Water is one of the major causes of destruction to a majority of asphalt driveways Wausau residents
owns. When water penetrates into the pavement it results in cracks, potholes and eventually major deterioration when it enters the base of the pavement. Repairing cracks can
help keep the water out which extend the pavement’s life for years.

To Prepare for Winter

It is important to repair all the cracks in your asphalt driveways in preparation for
winter. The winter weather can be dramatic and is usually characterized by freeze-thaw cycle. This can worsen the cracks making them larger and deeper. As a result, water will
penetrate through the cracks and weaken the base that supports the pavement eventually damaging the pavement. Potholes and spider cracks may develop which may lead to further

To prolong the life of your asphalt driveway

Another important reason to repair cracks in your asphalt driveways is to prevent
vegetation from growing in them. Over time, debris will accumulate in the asphalt cracks providing a good environment for vegetation growth. As the roots of the plants grow,
they exert pressure on the pavement pushing it upward. As a result, cracks will occur on the asphalt which, in turn, will allow water to seep through damaging the asphalt.

Crack Repair Is Fast and Economical

When it comes to extending the life of the wide variety of asphalt driveways Wausau has to
offer, crack repair is a more cost-effective alternative to complete revamping. Not only is it cheaper but also long-lasting and extremely effective. When professionally done,
crack repair can be quite fast with very minimal disruption to your home and work life. It is, however, important to hire an expert to ensure that the repair is correctly done
using the ideal materials for your pavement type.

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