Paving a driveway can be a tough job if you aren’t sure what materials you want to use. You may easily pick one that doesn’t quite meet your needs. Thankfully, help from the best paving companies in Stevens Point, Wausau, and Madison, Wisconsin can help. At Custom Paving & Sealcoating, we can provide you with many different paving options to ensure that you get the best possible results.

Pavers – May Last 20 Years or More

Pavers are one of the most common types of materials that paving companies utilizes for homes. Though perhaps not as popular as a few other options, they are among the most attractive and handsome types on the market. People who want a drive that is attractive and hard to top should turn to this option. It will give you the look that you need to keep your home looking great and your driveway protected for years to come.

Even better, these pavers are made out of materials that are usually quite beneficial to the environment. These items include brick, clay, and natural stone. And they are often quite easy to maintain – for example, if a brick cracks on your driveway, you can replace that one brick instead of every other element of the driveway. This benefit is significant for those looking to create a great driveway for their home.

There are negatives to this type of pavement. First of all, they are among the most expensive types to install for paving companies. This fact can be quite frustrating for those who are trying to save money on their driveway materials. Even worse, you may end up having to work hard to match the pavers to your previous edge and the materials used on your last driveway. So make sure that you’re willing to do extra work, here, to get the best results for your home.

Gravel – Could Last Multiple Lifetimes

Though a gravel driveway is probably not among the most popular types on the market, there are benefits to getting them. First of all, they are very cheap – you may pay as little as $1 per foot for the gravel. That type of cost saving is hard to top and makes this a great option for many individuals. And when you realize that a gravel driveway can last for many years, you get a great deal.

Even better, they are typically a fun way to accentuate a natural look for a home in a more rural environment. Many people like gravel driveways because they produce a style that is hard to get in any other way. That said, there are obvious problems that can make this a hard type of driveway to manage. You should only get this option if you’re ready to deal with all of these concerns in your home.

For example, maintenance is something that most paving companies have a hard time managing for their customers. Loose rocks can damage cars, hit your home, or end up in your shoes if you aren’t careful. As a result, you need to perform a lot of maintenance to keep them strong. Snow is also an issue because plowing can move all of your rocks. Combined with the dust and weeds common in gravel, and you may want to skip this choice.

Asphalt – Usually Lasts Around 20 Years

Asphalt is usually thought of as a parking lot material but can be very beneficial for a large number of driveway situations. For example, it is usually pretty strong against various types of heat and cold damage. Often, it melts snow during the winter because it retains heat so well. As a result, your plowing and snow management bills may be even smaller than normal.

And since asphalt costs around $3-5 per square foot to install, its price is very competitive compared to other options. So while it is no need the cheapest type, it doesn’t cost too much to install. And since you can consider recycled asphalt, you may even save yourself more money. Thankfully, repairs are usually quite easy and inexpensive on asphalt, which is definitely a plus.

This last benefit is particularly critical because asphalt is often prone to various types of damage without the help of paving companies. Without regular maintenance and resealing every 2-4 years, you’re going to end up experiencing a high level of erosion and other issues with your asphalt. That said, this option is still a good one if you’re willing to take these maintenance steps and don’t mind doing a little extra work to keep your driveway strong.

Concrete – Can Last Up to 40 Years

Though a concrete driveway may feel cheap or gaudy to some people, they are popular for a reason – their strength. The sheer power of a concrete driveway is hard to top, which is why they can last nearly half a century without being replaced. And since they are so popular, it is usually much easier to find a professional who fully understands how to work with these materials in a beneficial way.

Even better, most types of concrete are quite inexpensive to install – anticipate no more than $4 per square foot. However, you can pay up to $50 per square foot if you want patterns or colors. This option is pricier, sure, but it is also quite attractive. This helps to offset some of the disadvantages of concrete, such as a limited stylistic appeal and the dangers of various types of stains.

Unfortunately, concrete is quite absorbent, which is a problem many paving companies have to face when installing it every year. However, concrete driveways are also among the strongest and most durable types on the market today. Unfortunately, that hardness may also make them more likely to get damage by freezing temperatures or roots. Thankfully, they can be protected by sealants and other methods.

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As you can see, the best paving companies Stevens Point, Wausau, and Madison, Wisconsin have to offer can provide you with a myriad of benefits. By properly choosing the best paving material for your needs, you can ensure that you are satisfied with the end result. But if you can’t find an option here that suits your needs or you need help finding another, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Custom Paving & Sealcoating right away. We have years of experience and know how to satisfy our customers. So please contact us today to get started on getting the best driveway that your money has to offer.