Driveways serve as the main entrances and exits for many homes across Wisconsin. Since these areas see a lot of vehicular and pedestrian traffic, pavements and concrete can get severely stained and damaged over the years. Similarly, water amassment under the ground can cause concrete slab separators to rise and make driveways unsafe and uneven. With this in mind, you get cost-affordable asphalt repairs and replacements with custom paving in Stevens Point, WI.

As a seasoned and reputable company, Custom Paving & Sealcoating can breathe new life into your driveways and make them look great again. With years of extensive industry experience, our company continues to receive stellar industry ratings and reviews. We also offer free estimates, quotes, and can let you know when the best time is to repair or replace your driveway.

The Importance of Safe and Functional Driveways

If you live in a deed-restricted community, you know how important curb appeal and safe driveways are in meeting HOA guidelines. Similarly, the last thing you need is a complaint due to unsafe, dirty, or uneven asphalt or concrete walkways. With over 40 years of experience, Custom Paving & Sealcoating stands behind all their materials for cost-affordable paving and sealcoating. We also offer standard one year warranties that cover all work performed for driveway paving and sealing. Here are some crucial benefits of repairing or replacing driveways:

  • Durable asphalt paving services that minimize dust, mud, and potholes
  • We use high-grade materials for all driveway asphalt paving projects. Whether for homes, businesses, farmlands, or industrial sites, we have the tools and expertise to beautify any property
  • We inspect your driveways to see which areas need paving and sealcoating. Whether for overlays or complete repairs and replacements, we do it all
  • Custom Paving & Sealcoating has deep roots in the community and continues to meet the needs of home and business owners across Wisconsin

Specialized Asphalt Paving Services

From driveways and farm lanes to parking lots, we make sure your paving and sealcoating are done right the first time. This saves you time, money, and restores aesthetic and functional appeal to your driveways, walkways, and sidewalks. From free estimates to dedicated customer service, we are committed to excellence in everything we do. In fact, our quotes are detailed and customized to meet your property’s immediate needs. Here are some more advantages of hiring us for pavement, driveway, or walkway repairs and enhancements:

  • We keep all customers informed on every step of the process
  • Custom Paving & Sealcoating offers timely answers to your driveway paving and repair questions and concerns
  • Our highly dedicated team is fully certified and insured. No repair or replacement job is ever too big or too small, and we ensure your driveway’s foundation is secure to support the asphalt for years to come
  • We provide paving services or all types of driveways and commercial parking lots. Our asphalt equipment provides precise paving depths to meet all your project’s needs

Whether for roads, streets, or silage/bunker pads, you need an experienced paving team on your side. Why go the DIY route or use a contractor that may or may not produce desired results? At Custom Paving & Sealcoating, we are a family-owned and operated business with over four decades of experience. Our expertise is second to none, and we continue to meet and exceed the expectations of all our new and returning customers. With free custom quotes and proved paving and sealcoating services, one phone call or email is all you need to get the best services from the best in the business.

We service all businesses, commercial lots, homes, and retail establishments. From small driveways to large parking lots, we guarantee timely deliverables and first-class paving services across the board. Some of the Wisconsin cities and surrounding areas we serve include Beaver Dam, Fitchburg, Madison, Marshfield, Middleton, Portage, Reedsburg, Stevens Point, Verona, Wausau, and Wisconsin Rapids.

The Benefits of Sealcoating

There are several benefits of sealcoating your driveways. For one, you can protect your surfaces from cracks, holes, and moisture damage. Our pavement sealcoating services will protect your driveways for 3-5 years. This, of course, depends on the age of your driveway and how extensive the damages are that have been accrued. However, we work exceptionally hard to tackle cracks, crumbling material, and patchy bad spots with the right paving and sealcoating applications.

If your asphalt driveway is 20 or more years old, we recommend a complete reinstall. This will save you time, money, and restore your driveway back to normal and functional settings. Our dedicated team understands the importance of beautifully looking driveways for homes or businesses. This is why we go above and beyond to make sure all your paving and sealcoating needs are met within time and budget. Here are some more benefits of sealcoating for residential and commercial driveways:

  • Preserve and beautify your asphalt-based driveways
  • Protect and strengthen the asphalt from harsh and abrasive materials
  • We apply sealcoating treatments by hand or machine for guaranteed results
  • Our team can apply multiple coats if desired. However, we will consult with you about the best ways to meet your driveway’s asphalt conditions

Sealcoating also prevents oxidation and damage from inclement weather and time. Similarly, we can use both oil and water bases for optimal driveway protection from the elements. If your driveways are suffering from cracks, holes, or foundation issues, Custom Paving & Sealcoating is your source for the best in professional and affordable paving services. Let the experts restore your driveways with high-quality asphalt and sealcoating services today.

If you’re looking for quality, experienced services for your paving in Stevens Point, WI and the surrounding area, please contact Custom Paving & Sealcoating today.