You just bought a new home, paved the driveway, and are convinced you’ll never need to work with paving companies in Wausau, WI again. However, that is simply not the case. There are many instances in which you’re going to need to work with a paving professional to keep your home safe.

When the following instances occur at your home, you will need to contact a professional paving expert right way to ensure that nothing serious happens on your property. These unique scenarios can happen at any time and, while not deadly, can be a risk for you and your family.

Driveways are Worn Down

The most common reason you’re likely to contact paving companies is if your driveway is starting to wear down. This problem occurs as the material surface gets impacted by a variety of issues, such as cracks in the surface, weathering damage, stains, and more. These issues can quickly spread across the face of the driveway and become surprisingly problematic.

For example, small cracks can let water into your pavement that will expand and contract with the heat and the cold. This issue will cause your driveway’s material to crack apart even further and can also lead to breaks in the surface. When this happens, water will continue to be absorbed into your driveway, resulting in even more issues that are hard to manage without professional help.

Thankfully, paving professionals can help with this issue by providing you with the repair and installation services that you need. For example, they can do spot repairs on minor problems or completely replace your driveway if the damage is too severe. Just as importantly, they can sealcoat the surface to keep other types of damage from impacting its surface strength in the future, such as excessive sun exposure and other related issues.

Water is Collecting on Your Pavement

All types of paving materials are treated and designed to minimize severe water damage to their surfaces. However, this situation can be complicated if you find water pooling on the surface of your driveway. While a little water is likely to stick around after a rainstorm, a sustained puddle that refuses to go away can be an indicator of something more troubling on your pavement’s surface or underneath its basic structure.

Pooling water is often a symptom of a bigger problem with your paving. For example, an uneven pavement surface could cause a depression in your driveway or sidewalk that collects water and lets it expand across your surface. Sustained exposure of this type is not safe for your driveway and could lead to excessive damage if you don’t take immediate steps to minimize its impact.

Therefore, you should contact high-quality paving companies to get the help you need in order to avoid this problem. Great professionals can figure out why water is pooling on the surface of your driveway and will work to correct this problem. For example, they can even out your path or add an extra protective layer to keep your driveway or sidewalk protected from more severe damage when the weather drastically changes.

Concrete Decorations are Breaking Down

Cement or concrete is used in a variety of different home and yard decorations, such as large gnomes, various types of birdbaths, and much more. These items provide you with a classy look that makes your lawn feel more old-fashioned and engaging. However, concrete decorations can suffer from the same kind of wear and tear that is common with other types of cement items, such as driveways or even sidewalks.

For example, your concrete birdbath may suffer from water damage after a bitter winter season. Excessive exposure to snow will not only cause water damage, but may also cause temperature-related issues. While you could always store these items in a garage or storage bin, these areas may also be prone to weather- and temperature-related problems that could cause damage to your decorations. These problems are often very hard to predict and prevent.

So if you have a large number of cement items that you want to protect in your yard, contact local paving companies to get help. Though these experts are used to fixing larger and more detailed types of work, they may be able to provide you with some DIY kits that you can use to repair these decorative items. Some may even have patch kits or other types of gear that you can use to fix minor issues with your driveway. In this way, you keep your home looking great.

Family Injuries Have Occurred

Though it may seem impossible to imagine, poor concrete or asphalt surfaces could lead to a variety of injuries in your family. For example, you or one of your children could trip over an uneven pavement surface and sprain an ankle. This injury does heal over time but can be painful until you recover. In some instances, you may even break your ankle or even worse if you trip.

In scarier cases, you might fall to the ground and land on your face. Though this might seem amusing in some ways, the impact on the surface of the asphalt can be devastating to your health. For example, you could break your nose, cut up your skin, or even break bones in other parts of the body. In severe instances, cuts could get infected with dirt from the driveway and cause more severe issues.

Though severe injuries may not be incredibly common due to pavement issues, the risk of these problems makes it wise to contact paving companies if your asphalt is uneven or damaged. These professionals will work to even out the surface of your pavement in a way that avoids serious injuries and which also helps to increase the surface strength of the driveway.

Let Us Help You

As you can see, there are many instances when you’re going to need to contact a high-quality paving professional as soon as possible. Damage to your pavement is a more severe problem than it may seem and can cause a variety of issues that make immediate repairs necessary. Thankfully, these repairs shouldn’t be too hard to finish and shouldn’t cost too much either.

So if you’re ready to move past paving companies in Wausau, WI who have let you down in the past and you want only the best for your needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Custom Paving & Sealcoating right away to learn more about how we can help you. Our professionals will work with you to ensure that you get the best possible paving for your needs.